U.S tourists ATTACKED by hydrochloric ACID in France


Two US sightseers have had hydrochloric corrosive tossed in their appearances at Marseille prepare station, French media say.

The casualties in their mid 20s have been taken to healing facility for treatment, La Provence daily paper announced.

Two different individuals from their gathering were likewise assaulted at Saint-Charles station, yet did not get corrosive in their appearances.

The occurrence is not accepted to be dread related. The aggressor, portrayed by police as a rationally insecure 41-year-old lady, has been captured.

The report says she stayed at the site after the assault, and indicated photos of herself with consumes.

Corrosive assaults far and wide:

  • In Britain the issue has turned out to be so intense there have been calls for parliament to act. One such assault was gotten on camera in London a month ago.
  • In Berlin toward the start of this current year there was a progression of corrosive assaults on ladies.
  • A previous Miss Italy finalist has additionally been assaulted.
  • Corrosive assaults have additionally been accounted for in the US, most as of late in Arizona.
  • In South Asia corrosive assaults have been typical for a long time – with one case on Wednesday including two men in India who supposedly posse assaulted a lady and after that later assaulted her with corrosive.


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