PTA UNVEILS system of BLOCKING stolen & illegal phones


Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has told ‘Cell phones Identification, Registration and Blocking Regulations, 2017’ to guarantee that stolen and blocked telephones and also telephones with no copy or non-standard identifiers are obstructed from use in the nation.

As indicated by the directions, the PTA will build up a Mobile Devices Identification, Registration and Blocking System (DIRBS) to guarantee that resistant cell phones are not transported in, sold, advertised or associated with the versatile administrators’ systems. The move has been taken so as to secure cell phone clients’ information the nation over.

It will additionally guarantee that versatile licensees effectively distinguish such telephones on their systems and keep up and refresh expansive database with data about such telephones for the advantage of the portable administrations area around the world. The controls are advised under the Telecommunications Policy of 2015 on the sort endorsement administration for broadcast communications.

The PTA will build up DIRBS and recommend standard working methods (SOPs) for its usage on specialized, administration and operational issues. Stolen telephones, blocked telephones, and telephones with copy or non-standard identifiers should be obstructed by versatile system administrator (MNO) from the utilization in Pakistan.

The DIRBS will be introduced, having the essential equipment and programming to actualize the framework for examination. The examination will be fit for recognizable proof of resistant cell phones. It will contain a center investigation framework joined with subsystems to help check of IMEIs by partners, enrollment of IMEI combined special cases, and import of different sources of info including administrator gadget information dumps, GSMA gadget database, merchant gadget records, and stolen gadget records. Examination will be performed to take into account ID and following of rebellious gadgets as per these controls.

A gadget confirmation framework interface will be given by the PTA to sort endorsement holders and approved merchants for enrollment and ID of IMEI showed on the cell phone to check regardless of whether the gadget is a consistent cell phone issued accreditation of consistence to specialized models for IMEI gadgets by the PTA.

The configuration of the framework determined in sub-control (1) should be as per a SOP to be issued by the PTA on warning of these directions (2). Approved wholesalers and OEMs who are sort endorsement testament holders will be required to apply for confirmation of consistence to specialized principles for IMEI gadgets to the PTA before import or shipment to showcase individually according to the recommended organize by the PTA in the sort endorsement controls, 2004.

Gadgets imported and transported as per sub-direction (2) above will be qualified for enrollment. People bringing in or conveying a gadget or gadgets for individual utilize will be required to apply for affirmation of consistence to specialized benchmarks for IMEI gadgets issued by the PTA as per the PTA rules and SOPs issued now and again, and also the PTA sort endorsement controls, to end up noticeably qualified for enrollment of the gadgets.

All rebellious cell phones will be incorporated into the boycott by methods for the DIRBS framework. Refreshed boycott, special case rundown and notice rundown will be given by methods for the DIRBS to MNOs at normal interims.

The boycott will be sent to all MNOs occasionally through DIRBS interface. All gadgets whose IMEIs are incorporated into the most recent boycott will be denied versatile correspondence benefit by the MNO.

Any boycotted cell phone won’t be initiated aside from lost/stolen and sort endorsed gadgets which are confirmed by the MNO and DIRBS as per the SOP affirmed by the specialist. Supporters may report their lost or stolen cell phones and get them hindered on the helpline of MNO.

Supporters may demonstrate the legitimacy of their copied IMEI device(s) and get them obstructed, by submitting substantial archives to the PTA and the get administrations reestablished through matching, if the gadget is found out to be consistent after investigation of the submitted records to the PTA.

Portable licensees will move toward becoming individuals from the International Mobile Equipment Identity Database (IMEI DB, once in the past the CEIR) worked by the GSMA, or others as material. Versatile licensees will incorporate nations that are the wellspring of an extensive number of stolen gadgets to Pakistan in their IMEI DB notice profile.

All MNOs should help out broad media crusades through SMS communicates, at their own particular cost, to teach shoppers for the prerequisite to confirm the legitimacy of the cell phones in their utilization and the method for confirmation of cell phones accessible available to be purchased/buy, utilizing the field check arrangement of DIRBS.

The MNOs, approved merchants and sort endorsement holders might build up a proficient approach to get, process and react quickly to protestations by supporters in regards to their gadgets.

They might endeavor every single sensible push to determine dissensions as per the Telecom Consumers Protection Regulations, 2009.

Portable administrators might not reveal the substance of any information being transmitted or gotten from DIRBS. It must stay under their control but to the degree allowed by the PTA in composing or through any direction/guideline/order.

MNOs might take every sensible measure to protect the databases from unapproved block attempt or unapproved get to.

All sort endorsement holders/approved merchants/OEMs should give exact data of sort affirmed gadgets for issuance of affirmation of consistence to specialized benchmarks for IMEI gadgets by the PTA with a specific end goal to keep up the refreshed rundown of IMEI quantities of gadgets in the DIRB framework.

The PTA will send insinuation to every one of those supporters who are utilizing non-grievance cell phones.


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