Pakistan LOST 50,000 civilians, suffered LOSS of $123 billion in war against terror


Pakistan have lost more than 50,000 civilians in the war against terrorists since 2003, as indicated by government figures.

The Global Terrorism Index, which profiles information on fear based oppression from over the world, had positioned Pakistan second among the nations most influenced by psychological oppression.

A breakdown of the figures gathered by Watson Institute demonstrates that Pakistan lost 6,000 security work force in the battle against fear based oppression, when contrasted with 2,357 US troopers.

In 2013, 5, 379 Pakistanis were martyred in psychological oppressor assaults took after by 5,496 of every 2014; 3,682 out of 2015; 1,830 out of 2016 and 924 of every 2017.

A month ago, Pakistan’s Ambassador to the US Aizaz Chaudhary issued a comparative actuality sheet specifying Pakistan’s counter-fear based oppression endeavors.

In his first tweet of the year, Trump tweeted that the US ‘stupidly’ offered help to Pakistan throughout 15 years however Islamabad stayed misleading by giving places of refuge to ‘fear mongers’ from Afghanistan.

Be that as it may, regardless of the attack, the nation’s polite and military initiative on Tuesday demonstrated an uncommon limitation, saying they would not act in flurry.

The contention that started in October 2001 as a chase for the 9/11 aggressors has transformed into a vexed push to keep Afghanistan’s partitioned and debasement upset majority rule government alive in the midst of a merciless Taliban insurrection.


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