India ranks FOURTH with 218,600 millionaires: Capgemini report


India stays one of the greatest makers of super-rich occupants in Asia, with the quantity of high-total assets people (HNWIs) in the nation now achieving more than 218,000, as per the most recent information.

The new 2017 Asia-Pacific Wealth Report by Capgemini, out on Tuesday, demonstrated that India’s HNWI populace hit 218,600 this year, the fourth most elevated on the planet and up by 9.5 for every penny in 2016. The ultra-affluent’s joined fortunes bounced by 10 for every penny to $877 billion.

Indian nationals aren’t quite recently ruling the mogul space in Asia Pacific, they’ve constructed a name for themselves inside the area too.

11 nations with most number of moguls in Asia Pacific:

1.Japan 2.9 million ($7 trillion)

2.China 1.1 million ($5.8 trillion)

3.Australia: 254,700 ($802 billion)

4.India: 218,600 ($877 billion)

5.South Korea: 207,600 ($573 billion)

6.Hong Kong: 148,200 ($769 billion)

7.Singapore: 109,800 (562 billion)

8.Thailand: 107,800 (548 billion)

9.Malaysia: 66,400 (438 billion)

10.Indonesia: 54,400 ($184 billion)

11.Taiwan: 142,400 ($464 billion)


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