How to use Derma Roller with Onion and Garlic Juice For Hair Fall


What is Derma Roller?

Derma Roller is roller with micro needles which injects micro needles in your scalp by making micro injuries and triggering your body system to respond to the injury which leads to the creation of new collagen.The body sends proteins and blood to the damaged area which helps the hair follicle to fill the shortage of nutrients which it was lacking. Due to this new hair appears and your hairs starts getting thicker, reducing hair fall.

It is even believed that Derma Roller can regrow Hairs on bald spots. Many bald people have experienced new hairs appearing and taking place on their bald scalp. So it is something which is very helpful to regrow Hairs , Reduce hair loss and improve Hairs.

This is not the end of benefits, however Derma Roller can also be used on face to get rid of marks , pimples , wrinkles, large pores in skin etc… It can give you a new skin because it works in similar manner to hair scalp. While using on skin it removes your old skin with injection of micro needles and your new skin appears and takes place.

Derma Roller Sizes Which are Good For Hairs.

Derma Roller has different size,but the recommended sizes for hair are 0.50 mm and 1 mm. For regular and weekly use 0.50 mm works well. For monthly use we suggest 1 mm Which has long needles affecting deeper skin and more time to repair the wound.

How to use Onion and Garlic juice For Hairfall | Hair loss ,Thicker Hair And Faster Regrowth?

Onion and Garlic has lots of benefits in the body. Both are rich in various vitamins and minerals. Folic acid and citric acid, carotene, potassium, manganese, phosphorus, zinc , biotin. Besides this it has Vitamin C, B , Selenium , sulfur etc. Apart from these it is good for many other diseases for intake. You might have heard from your elders the praise of Onion and Garlic. Onion and Garlic is the old remedy for many diseases.

Onion and Garlic helps in fighting hairloss ,stimulating hair growth , making your hair thinker, shiner, soft and smooth.

How to make Onion and Garlic Juice

  1. Cut onion and garlic into small pieces
  2. Put in the grinder and add little water
  3. After grinding the nutrients of garlic and onion are mixed.
  4. Take a bowl or any container for water. Put The cloth above the container and pour the juice which will separate all other particles from water and giving you only juice for your hair.


Applying Onion Juice On Scalp.

Use Derma Roller for about 5 mins or as long as you can afford the pain. After using Derma Roller wait for 15 mins, because direct applying will cause to much burning. Now rinse you hair with onion juice by slowly massaging, which will help the scalp to absorb the juice.

You can keep the onion juice as long as you want. But we suggest you to keep it for 30 mins or 1 hour which is the best. After that use mild shampoo to get rid of the smell.

Follow this home remedy along with the derma roller for a month. You will see new hair appearing , less Hair fall and Faster growth of Hairs.

To get the good result, you will need to follow this method for 6 months or more.

Using Oil along with this remedy







You can use castor oil, emu oil, coconut oil, olive oil or any other natural oil. Recommended natural organic oils are “Castor oil and Emu oil”.

After washing your hairs. You can apply these natural organic oils which will moisturise your skin and keeping your skin soft, Smooth. Organic oil is like a food to the Hairs. Its very beneficent.

Clean /Sterilize Derma Roller After Using

You know that microneedles gets injected in scalp and makes small injuries, which leads to some bleeding. So its compulsory to clean your derma roller with alcohol or any anti bacterial sanitizers. This is a must, you should clean your derma roller after each treatment to avoid any scalp infections or any other scalp disease. We recommend Isopropyl alcohol for sterilizing.

How to Sterilize Your Derma Roller ?

Take alcohol Isopropyl and pour little in small container or a cup so that you can dip your derma roller in it. Leave it for about 1 min. Now you can pack your derma roller for your next use.

My Experience using Onion and Garlic juice with Derma Roller!!!

I am really happy with the results. Its like a magic or miracle to see your hair fall getting stopped and new hairs appearing on you scalp. I have been following this remedy for about 7 months and i am really happy with the results. My Hair fall has stopped completely, and i can say that to fight hair fall, its really a big challenge.

You have to keep in mind that the results don’t come in few days or months. Your Patience is must. You have to try for about 3 months or more to see the changes.

Watch some of the videos from people on youtube, whats their review and what they are saying about Derma roller.

If you are looking to BUY Derma Roller, we have suggestion for you. You can check below 2 sizes of Derma Roller Which is good for your Hairs.

                                      0.50 mm                               1.00 mm





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