Colombia SEIZES largest amount of COCAINE ever


Colombian police have found 12 tons of cocaine in the biggest single medication seizure in the nation’s history.

The medications were discovered covered in four banana manors in the north of the nation, near the courses used to pirate cocaine to the US.

President Juan Manuel Santos said it was the biggest medications pull in a solitary police operation.

The operation is a piece of a hostile against the intense Gulf Clan, a medication trafficking pack.

Police said the medication stash had a place with Dairo Úsuga, otherwise called Otoniel, pioneer of the Gulf Clan, one of Colombia’s most risky criminal associations.

The security powers have been attempting to catch Otoniel for a considerable length of time.

Police said they had additionally captured four individuals and assessed that the estimation of the pull was around $360m (£275m).

Colombian cocaine in numbers

12 tons of cocaine found in this most recent medication seizure

362 tons of cocaine seized by Colombian experts this year

866 tons potential cocaine hydrochloride generation in 2016

Colombian administration, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)

Over the most recent two months the security powers have seized 20 tons of cocaine in Antioquia.

The Gulf Clan rose up out of the remainders of conservative paramilitary gatherings that deactivated in 2006 after an administration peace bargain.

The administration says more than 1,500 individuals from the posse have been captured for the current year and its second-in-summon has been killed.


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