BMW Unveils New Artificial Intelligent Bike, Say No More To Helmets


The New BMW Motorrad is the sign of future, its designed which blends the analog with the digital experience and offering wide range of safety then the traditional old motorcycles. We know motorcycles aren’t actually safe , BMW marks the future sign, where two wheel vehicles will have enough intelligence to make it possible for riders to use them without wearing a helmet or any other protective clothing.

BMW Motorrad is a self intelligence and self Balancing Bike ,which is totally different driving experience. Its all made possible by perfect connectivity between rider, bike and the outside world.

Intelligence assistance systems intervene to avoid any critical situations and self balancing mechanism enhances safety by regulating banking angles for inexperienced riders and increasing dynamics for more skilled one’s.

As the helmet concept is gone , you are going to have “Visor”- It’s a lightweight keeping a wind out of your eyes and of course it’s a weather friendly putting out all the required information in front of your eyes.

It has also got the future suit with wide functions, safety and a fashion. This is a concept which is so far from being a real thing, but it is a very cool vision of what the motor cycle industry will have in the future where the autonomy will be the king for cars.



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